AXIS Case Insight - 1 TB Storage

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    • AXIS
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Are you looking for an evidence management system to ensure your evidence holds up in court? AXIS Case Insight gathers all the evidence you need in one centralized location.

Build even stronger cases

AXIS Case Insight allows you to securely gather all your evidence in one place for easy management and access. It's possible to upload all types of digital evidence and thanks to audit trail functionality, the software will record every change made to the files while it keeps the original file untouched. This helps secure the chain of custody and ensures reliable evidence that's admissible in a court of law. AXIS Case Insight provides tools to optimally process the evidence for analysis and presentation. For instance, you can add digital watermarks and overlays with extra information to support your evidence such as timestamps or case numbers. Designed withcybersecurityin mind, it offers automatic, end-to-end encryption ensuring file integrity. Furthermore, you get total access control with easy management of user permissions.

Manage case efficiently

Recordings from the Axis body worn camera are automatically imported, with incident time and location. When integrated with a Record Management System (RMS) or Computer-Aided Dispatch system (CAD), cases are automatically created and populated with relevant recordings as well as digital evidence from other sources. You can easily collaborate with internal investigators or securely share information with prosecutors. Tagging functionality and advanced search capabilities allow for easy management and mean you can quickly find exactly what you need. Plus, with the assisted redaction of faces, it's easy to protect sensitive information and ensure the public's privacy remains intact.

Focus on solving cases

With AXIS Case Insight you get a one-stop-shop for all your digital evidence needs. There's no need to spend time on system design, no specially trained installers required, and no infrastructure headaches - we take care of everything so you don't have to. This end-to-end solution includes hardware, software, and hosting from Axis. And, you can be sure you always have the latest Axis system installed. There's no need to invest in secure storage- and there is no risk of hard disk failure, AXIS Case Insight won't ever lose recordings or evidence. Furthermore, users can benefit from one, complete solution from one, trusted supplier. With Axis as the single point of contact, you can feel confident that any problem that may arise will be handled quickly and efficiently.

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    • Management
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    • Management
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    • Case Insight
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    • 1 TB Storage
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    • 1 Year